Drop-a-Quarter For Change: The Complete Guide

The Dilemma

How do we let politicians know about how we feel about cannabis prohibition without bringing negative legal consequences upon ourselves? Virtually every poll taken shows that the majority of the population is in favor of ending prohibition. So why don't the politicians react? The reason is simple - prohibitionists are able to express themselves without fear of legal or social repercussions. Politicians hear these people loud and clear and they continue to respond to this minority because they continually hear from them. These groups also have more money to lobby politicians so their overall effort on the law is disproportionate for their numbers.

The Solution

Cannabis consumers, as well as those who support ending prohibition have to make political waves proportionate to their numbers in society, without fear of legal or social repercussions. Politicians need to be reminded on a daily basis of the views of the majority. They need to be reminded by intelligent believable people. They need to know who they are pointing the finger at when they continue on the path of prohibition. We have to let them know the harm they are doing to society and we have to be sure that they know we are not happy about the colossal waste of money that could be re-directed to areas that will benefit society 100%.


Drop a Quarter and make a change is a very simple concept. ask yourself this question! Is it worth 25 cents to start the process of ending prohibition? Most people will gladly say yes. Lets be clear, WE DO NOT WANT YOUR MONEY. We want you to take your quarter and call your political representative from pay phone. In Canada call your member of Parliament, in the U.S. call your senator or congressman. We have compiled the complete list of both for your ease and convenience. Calling from a pay phone will help to assure anonymity, and will avoid tracing or tracking the phone number. We live in a democracy and your opinion matters. It is your right to speak out. Exercise your right.


We fully realize how intimidating this can be for some. It is asking a lot. Not everybody is good at getting their point across to people in a position of power or authority. We do understand, remember we are "In Disguise" to hide our identities.
If you are like most people you may be afraid of losing your train of thought because of nervousness or fear. After all talking to politicians can be intimidating at the best of times. If you fall into this category, we have prepared a statement that can be read verbatim. You can also customize it for your own circumstance, if you like. This will help you stay on track and ensure that the politician will receive the most information in a concise and brief manner. Please do not be rude, and try not to ramble. It is of the utmost importance for you to point out your contribution to society and your marital/family status to emphasize the idea that these laws are aimed at the wrong people. This will also help to diminish the stereotypical image of the cannabis consumer that has continued to be perpetuated. We are not naive, we don't think this will change anything overnight. We do believe that it can make a big difference over the long run, if politicians are reminded daily over a long period of time. What else can we do? We have to start somewhere. we have to start at the source of the problem.

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