Drop-a-Quarter For Change: The Complete Guide

1. Tradesman

I'm Calling you to express my disappointment with the direction this government is taking regarding cannabis laws. as a (Plumber, carpenter, etc.) and a (optional - Father/Mother of 1,2,3 etc) and a taxpayer, I meet people of all walks of life throughout my daily activities. Many of these well meaning people use cannabis, and I have not seen any valid reason to continue prohibition. It is time to take the money that is wasted on enforcement and re-direct it to health care. Legalize and tax cannabis. It's time to put it to a vote. I would also like to know what position you take on this issue.

2. Professionals

I am a (Doctor, Dentist, lawyer, engineer, etc.) with ____ years of education, and ______ years of experience in the field. I have a degree in _______ and _______. As an educated taxpayer I cannot see any reasonable justification for the government to continue on its current path regarding cannabis laws. (OPTIONAL) As a (Father/Mother of 1,2,3 etc) I am fearful of my children becoming criminalized for something that clearly does not constitute as a "real criminal act". It's time to seriously look at legalization. The majority of polls say yes, so let's tax and regulate. Stop wasting money on enforcement and redirect all revenues to health care. Democracy will work. Let's put it to a vote. I would also like to know what position you take on this issue.

3. Service Worker

I am one of your constituents. I spend my days in the service of my country/community as a (Fireman, Military, etc.). I put my life on the line continually so that we all can be safe and free. As a (optional - Father/Mother of 1,2,3 etc) I want you to know that I am in favor of legalization of cannabis and many of my comrades agree whole heartedly with me. We are spending way too much money on cannabis prohibition and I see it as wrong. Tax, regulate, and spend all of this money on health care or somewhere where it will do more good instead of harm. It's time to stop the lies, don't you think? We need a vote on legalization. I would also like to know what position you take on this issue.

4. Arts Community

I pride myself on being a member of the arts community. I am a _______ and a (optional - Father/Mother of 1,2,3 etc), I want to live in a country that recognizes the truth and justice. I am appalled at the continuous persecution of cannabis consumers in this country. There is no truth in the laws that are based in falsehoods. There is no justice in criminalizing cannabis users. Polls have shown that the majority of people want de-criminalization or legalization. What is wrong with the democracy? We need to vote on this issue A.S.A.P. Then we can take all of the money we're wasting now and put it to good use. I would also like to know what position you take on this issue.

5. Police Person

I am a police man/woman in your community. We look after all of the unpleasant duties that others do not want to do. I am personally tired of wasting our precious resources chasing people that are into marijuana culture. My experience has been that these people pose no real threat to anyone in society. I am tired of being an unwilling accomplice in enforcing laws that harm ordinary citizens. I am in favor of full legalization or decriminalization at the very least. Let us spend our time doing meaningful police work. I would also like to know what position you take on this issue.

6. Caregiver/Medical Assistant

As a worker involved in health care, I want to express my disapproval with the governments current policies regarding cannabis. Although medical marijuana is now a reality, the truth is, a lot of people that could benefit are not being given access because of fear or misunderstanding by their physicians. Cannabis should be legalized and taxed. The funds generated should go directly to health or social programs. If cannabis was legal anybody could benefit medically without having to go through the bureaucracy that now exists. To continue criminalizing cannabis users the way we do now. That is the real crime to society. I would also like to know what position you take on this issue.


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