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Indus Guys

Sorry for the long radio silence….we’re just getting the site back up and running. Stay tuned for Band Bio Updates, news tunes & some more interesting stuff from The GeneraL

Indus Guys update

New tunes, new members, wow how time flies. It’s been a year and a half since we released “Outstanding in Our Fields” and we’d like to thanks everybody who supported our efforts. And thanks for all the kind comments. We are pleased to announce some new members as well as some special guests by appearance. Something we hope will continue in the future as the band evolves. Check out the new bios for more information. Hope you enjoy! Do your part to end prohibition.

George W. Kush

News update & Band changes

Look for a couple of new tunes to be entered in the Marijuana Music awards 2010. Also we will be announcing the names of our new bass player and drummer, we wish Enrique and Root Fifth all the best in their future endeavors!

Indus Guys Win an Award

That’s right Indus Guys were chosen as Best Country Song at the 2009 Marijuana Music Awards.

And to Celebrate Norml including us in their Daily Audio Stash.  Check it out here.